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 Mali Hollander,  the owner of Malinca brand.
Since I remember myself I loved to create, and work with different materials.

I am a graduate of the textile design department in Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Israel.
After a year internship in New York, i was returned to Israel, and developed a textile.
The textiles is a complex produced out of digital printing and pvc

As a result every bag is tells its own story and will make you feel special.

I am designing the hole process, from making the raw material to hand sawing and designing the bag.

The textiles surfaces inspirations comes from everywhere from fashion trends to my daily life.

The design of the bags are classic, clean, with touches of geometric lines to provide a platform for the unique textile.
All of the process is a matter of emotion, a photograph flashes that the eye capture that becomes a textile interpretation.
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CO-KA Limited Handbags Edition Art Bags

CO-KA ( Carry on Kreative Art ) by Cornelia Kawann is painting on Canvas or Leather Handbags. Participating at the New York Fashion week with Renetta Prudena.

These ART BAGS are simply unique and exclusive.

Her love for the paint bring her an incredible energy to design her bags.

She Started in 2010 and is expending more and more her great collection.

She is using a lot of colors and different fabrics on each and any bag like bottle labels, ribbons and paper.

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Our Spring 2014 Selection Privee Paris Collection will be available for 1st March delivery.
They are all the
1st March delivery.
same price , very weel priced in Silk Modal , very lightweight with gorgeous prints.
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We are very proud to distribute in the USA : Vincent Pradier Gloves Collection from France and now Straw Hats and Bags for Spring 2014.
Vincent Pradier gloves have been designed in France for the past 12 years for both men and women, manufactured in the Philippines, and made using only very high quality and soft Japanese wool.
The gloves are sold in about 20 countries throughout Western Europe and Asia (especially Japan and Korea), as well as in Canada at Ogilvy in Montreal and in some stores in Ontario & Quebec.
Minimum quantity is of 2 items per color... 
All gloves are one size fits all....
If you are interested in buying from this collection, ask us for a full catalog with the price list and we will email it to you ASAP.


New collections are presented at Beadart twice every year, inspired by the inner worlds of the designers' imagination.

Wide varieties of materials are used to produce Beadart jewelry; precious metals, semi-precious and glass stones, ceramic, cotton, leather and pearls are some examples of these quality substances.

Beadart jewelry is designed and produced at the company's studio located in the Tel-Aviv's fashionable Bazel Shopping Area and sold in more than 100 selected 
international and local stores.

Beadart Founder Designers - Orly Arnon-Asif and Nitza Yarel

Orly Arnon-Asif - Graduated from the Tel Aviv "Design and Architecture Workshop", 13 years in jewelry design in addition to other creative work in plastic arts.

Nitza Yarel - Graduated from the New-York "Fashion Institute of Technology" F.I.T, 17 years in design and goldsmith of precious metals and stones jewelry.

The designs of these two artists are a product of the individual unique influences each of them brings to the creative process.

Orly was brought up in Africa, where she fell in love with local multicolor African beads. Beadart designs are flavored with this cultural influence, pronounced in the uniquely intense colors used and the ethno-modern 
combination of materials and trends.

Nitza brings the inspiration of Manhattan with its fashionable and dynamic rhythm combined with the trendiness of goldsmith artwork.

The link between Orly and Nitza originated in 1999 their connection lead to various creative and business projects until it materialized to a full partnership.

Today, they jointly manage Beadart and for 10 years create brilliant collections, successfully presented and sold in Israel and abroad.

Orly and Nitza say: 
"Creating jewelry that combines art and fashion challenges and attracts us since it requires new creative interpretations both to the classic design styles as well as to fashion. We care to stay updated with international and local fashion trends, colors and styles and continue exciting, inspiring and surprising our customers with a leading fashionable Israeli brand, while keeping the highest most stringent standards of production and finish".

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Privee Showroom is very proud to distribute SEA - BY SMADAR ELIASAF ART JEWELRY.

 The collections are made with the high quality materials, with an emphasis on leather, Swarovski Crystals ,Semi Precious Stones and metals plated with 925 silver and 24 karat gold. 

Smadar has been designing art jewelry for over twenty years. A sculptress and silversmith by training, Smadar chooses her raw materials with the careful eye of a craftswoman and creates from them with the integrity of an artist. However artistic, Smadar's designs are fully informed with global fashion trends and predictions.

Sea jewelries are the fashionable choice of various prominent performers including Natalie Cole, Paris Hilton, Paula Abdul, Amy Ryan, Halle Berry, Cher, Jennifer Aniston, Donatella Versace and many other celebrities.  

This collection is unique and so fashionable - including Rings, Earrings, Bracelets and Necklaces. Every single piece is Handmade and gives an exclusive look. Sold in Duty Free Magazines and in beautiful boutiques all over the world including recently FRANCK ET FILS in Paris....Impeccable quality.

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DUCHESS CASE is a collection of bags and cases for laptops and tablets (like iPad or kindle) for women, giving vintage lovers another step into the world of chic. Inspired by the older generation ”granny“ wallets, we brought together the vintage and modern looks.
The Duchess Case makes a perfect carrier for your laptop. Not only does it look good, but it also protects your laptop from scratches and bumps. There is no doubt heads will turn when seeing you with one of these!
It also comes in various colors and patterns, giving you the option to match it with any purse or outfit.
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