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IXLI Gloves and Slippers

IXLI is a very FUN GLOVES and SLIPPERS one size fits all collection from France made in Korea.

Lof of prints like floral, animal, geometric and more. 

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Le Voyage en Panier

We would like to share with you this phenomenal and fashionable straw bags French collection : Le Voyage en Panier.
Existing since 1981 Le voyage en Panier selecting the most beautiful fabrics , materials and designs.
They are manufacturing in 5 continents and selling in more than 1200 places all around the world. This year they are launching the handmade Crochet Collection, simply stunning.It takes up to 4 days to manufacturer them.
The colors are gorgeous and the shapes very fashionable.
They are good for any occasion.
Le voyage en panier will show at NY NOW under Privee Showroom booth #8278 in personal accessories section.
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Mali Hollander,  the owner of Malinca brand.
Since I remember myself I loved to create, and work with different materials.

I am a graduate of the textile design department in Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Israel.
After a year internship in New York, i was returned to Israel, and developed a textile.
The textiles is a complex produced out of digital printing and pvc

As a result every bag is tells its own story and will make you feel special.

I am designing the hole process, from making the raw material to hand sawing and designing the bag.

The textiles surfaces inspirations comes from everywhere from fashion trends to my daily life.

The design of the bags are classic, clean, with touches of geometric lines to provide a platform for the unique textile.
All of the process is a matter of emotion, a photograph flashes that the eye capture that becomes a textile interpretation.
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Selection Privee Paris has the most magnificent modal and Silk 
Digital Printed Scarves for Spring 
The material is very soft , the patterns and colors are just great and 
they are really well priced.
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We are very proud to distribute in the USA : Vincent Pradier Paris.  Collection from France and now Straw Hats and Bags for Spring 2015.
Vincent Pradier gloves have been designed in France for the past 12 years for both men and women, manufactured in the Philippines, and made using only very high quality and soft Japanese wool.
The gloves are sold in about 20 countries throughout Western Europe and Asia (especially Japan and Korea), as well as in Canada  and in the USA.
Minimum quantity is of 2 items per color... 
All gloves are one size fits all....
If you are interested in buying from this collection, request the Fall Winter 2015  and we will email it to you ASAP.


MONFLAUD designed and manufactured in France and in Italy. Gorgeous Collection of Hats , Gloves , Scarves and Capes.

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SaintIves is new Luxury with Fashion appeal.Jewelery and accessories made of finest exotic leathers. Made of Stingray, padded Python, Ostruch. French designer : Yossi W.Made in Canada and Thailland.

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